Lamborgini’s recent winter driving event at Aspen’s Motorsports Park let a lucky few do things most mortals can only dream of

Those fortunate enough to own a Huracan are aware of the car’s most excellent go-fast attributes and grippy grabby athletic abilities. But many are unlikely to venture their $200k ride out in a Newfie snow event for fear of mating the carbon fibered ride with Carl’s minivan. Lamborghini wants to remove that natural parental fear and encourage drivers to venture out more through their Winter Accademia course.

For a few years now the Italian house has offered individuals the opportunity to enhance their winter driving skills through special programs held around the world. The most recent boutique event took place a month ago at Aspen Motorsports Park in Colorado – the highest altitude track in the continental USA at 12,500 ft (3800 m).

Lamborghini's new Huracan takes to the snow in Colorado last month
Lamborghini’s new Huracan takes to the snow in Colorado last month

Attendees not only received the royal treatment at the Viceroy Hotel but were encouraged to hoon the darn out of either an Aventador LP 700-4 (Coupe or Roadster) or a 610 hp Huracan. Held over 3 days the courses were a mix of, “I can’t freaking believe I’m hooning a 700 hp $400k Aventador around a snircle in the freaking snow!” and “I very much appreciate Audi’s AWD underpinnings in this finely crafted machine whilst maneuvering about at speed on a snow laden surface.”

I’ve driven both the Huracan and the whiplash inducing Aventador and I’m thinking the snow would be both a blessing and a curse. A blessing in the reduced abilities of the Aventador to instill neck injuries but also a curse at having to deal with 700 hp in a tractionally challenged environment.

According to Lamborghini, the experience was designed to maximize a driver’s ability to get the most out of the cars while learning to drift in a controlled and safe environment. Lamborghini certified instructors taught groups of three how to deal with emergency braking, drifting and lap driving on groomed and loose snow surfaced circles…or snircles, and iced up straightaways and circular arrangements.

Snow hooning a 700 hp AWD Aventador on the highest track in the US
Snow hooning a 700 hp AWD Aventador on the highest track in the US

For those of us of Killarney heritage who grew up engaging in a little winter activity known as “bumpering” back in the ’70s, I say to you now, let us recover our signature sliding boots bumper grabbing mittens and work to attend next year’s event. All you’ll need is $5,995 US to participate as a driver, or $695 for partners and bumperin’ participants.

The Winter Accademia program is one of the highlights on Lamborghini’s driver event calendar. Another snow themed event in Europe event took place February 21 in Livigno, Italy.

Source: Lamborghini

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