elemente magazine is a Canadian produced online publication focusing on the best in architecture, automotives, design & photography. Since its founding in 2006 elemente has gone through several iterations.

Evolving from an award winning national publication to a primarily automotive focused online outlet, elemente will now revert back to its original editorial mandate to visually capture & highlight not only outstanding architecture, interview influential creatives, designers, architects, automotive designers, comic book artists, philanthropic persons of interest and outstanding photographers. There might also be the occasional editorial photo-feature on travel destinations, design hotels of note and unique spots of interest.

Mixed Use Bylaw/Fire Station #34, S2 Architecture

There’s also the matter of automotive photo-shoots and drive-reviews. On the street and from the seat of some of the world’s most celebrated automotive brands, elemente hopes to adequately verbalize and visualize the experience when trying to keep the rubber between the trees.

Complete archived issues up for viewing over at issuu online publication