Who Are We, Really

elemente magazine is a CanadianĀ producedĀ online publication that thrives on artisanal scotches and locally sourced haggis. Since 2006 elemente magazine has evolved from a struggling start up publication, to a nationally recognized creative print publication, into a 2 year hibernation bear following Wallstreet’s financial buggery, then to an issuu online publication finally ending up as this user friendly, highly informative website that resides before you.

Plensa's Wonderland, Calgary. Photo. Angus MacKenzie

Wonderland by Plensa. Photo Angus MacKenzie

One of the publication’s editorial mandates is to provide our Editor-in-Chief a creative outlet so he doesn’t lose his mind during the longish winter that lovingly blesses itself upon prairie dwelling residents for eight months of the year.

The other part of the equations has to do with interviewing influential creative minds, designers, architects, automotive designers, comic book artists, philanthropic persons of interest and the occasional photographers.There might also be the occasional editorial photo-feature on travel destinations, design hotels of note and general spots of interest.

There’s also the matter of automotive photo-shoots and drive-reviews. On the street and from the seat of some of the world’s most celebrated automotive brands, elemente hopes to adequately verbalize and visualize the experience when trying to keep the rubber between the trees.

Angus MacKenzie
e. angus@elementemagazine.com


We welcome editorial submissions and ideas that fit within elemente’s diverse editorial mandate. And we’re always looking for like minded creative outlets and organizations to partner with and promote.
e. info@elementemagazine.com


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