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To stud or not to stud, that is the question! Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the outrageous roads of ice & snow, or to mount concept tires against the frozen paths of struggle & woe

Finnish manufacturer claims to have invented the world’s first non-studded tire, but with studs

Now while most intelligent Canadians and anyone north of Minnesota know, snow tires are a must during the 13 to 17 months of winter we northerners are forced to endure. Those who think all-seasons are the way to go usually end up dry humping trees or resting comfortably in ditches in their bullet-proof AWD Navigators. Unfortunately in places like Calgary where weather can change from +10C to -35C in less than four hours, running full-studded tires is not only a noisy, expensive, stubbly option but also something the city isn’t too keen on.

Enter stage right, those crazy rubber brained Finnish kids from Nokian. These are the guys that make the crazy good Hakkapeliitta grabby sticky snow tires. Because as good as Canada is at winter, we ain’t got nothin on the Finns.

Only conceptual at the moment, the transformer tires have tiny studs recessed into metal casings, that deploy tiny studs when activated by the driver. The studs thus increase snow and ice traction by roughly one million percent increasing safety proportionally and grip exponentially. After one is finished with the ice racing and ready to drive on clear paved roads, the driver simply hits the button again and the studs retract into their wee holes.

And that Shakespearian title, it totally deserves an/the award for longest hed and for cleverly managing to rhyme snow and woe.

Source: Esquire

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