Rakish lines & a 335 hp V6 put Ford’s 2020 Edge ST as a sharp crossover option

Words/ Photography. Angus MacKenzie

Ford’s Edge ST bearing the marque’s performance lettering deserves kudos for its edgey design bits, spirited 2.7 L twin-turbofied V6 and shiny black 20″ rims. Throwing out 335 hp and 380 ft lb of torques through an 8-speed autobox the mid-range SUV provides an entertaining ride while looking good in the process. 0 – 100 kph times are impressive hitting the mark at just under 7.0 seconds. Not bad for a crossover device. The boosted V6 also delivers quality mid-range power for those passing and cargo carrying situations.

The Edge’s suspension could use further refinement to match the ST’s performance branding as it comes off as undecided in various situations. Steering also seems to suffer slightly but not enough to significantly detract from the experience.

Various drive modes provide the driver with Ford’s usual array of power vs eco-friendly options. Interior trim is sporty comfy with a full-scale sunroof providing ample amounts of natural light. Ride comfort comes off as fitting given the crossover’s sporty mandate as does interior road noise.

Still consider the Edge’s design one of the best out of the house of Ford. Performancely speaking, I think they have a good thing going in the ST, which could be further improved on with suspension and steering refinements to make an outstanding performance crossover.

Canadian base model ST starts at $37,299 CAD

Source. Ford Canada

2020 Ford Edge ST styling, one of the ride’s best features
2020 Ford Edge ST big shiny 20″ black rims on matching rubber makes for a fine photo subject
2020 Ford Edge ST en profile highlights the crossover’s sharp shoulders and inducted waistline details
Plenty of greenhouse space to see various senior centres and parking signs
Edge ST AWD setup provides all the country, back-road assurance one could need on a balmy September afternoon
Where’s Waldo?
Behind the sizeable grille resides one nicely engineered twin-turbo V6
Fall harvest south of Indus. Shot on the Mavic Mini.
More harvesting…
Throw on a swathing attachment and the 335 hp/ 380 ft lb torques ST would gladly mow that lawn
Alberta sunsets further compliment the ST’s rakish hindquarters & pinchy profile sections
And here’s the interior. Flappy paddles not shown.
Ford Edge ST seat badging helps it stand out from those other, lesser Edges
The infamous guard rail balance shot
There’s a crossover country song here somewhere…
Centre for the performing cars
ST paint was constantly changing under varying light

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