2020 FORD F-250 SUPER DUTY XLT: Big enough for all your World War Zs

Words & Photos. Angus MacKenzie
Source. Ford Canada
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In this new age of “Stay the F*ck at Home” zombie apocalypse-like vehicles start to look less George Miller Mad Max bonkers and more “How many rolls of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, fried chickens, eggs, paper towel and martini ingredients can I fit into the bed of my truck” realistic. Ford has one possible World War Zombie option in the form of the 2020 F-250 Super Duty XLT.

Mentioned in previous reviews, Alberta is a truck country, or province is at were. As such trucks like the F-250 Super Duty with its torquey new V8 the big super-cabbed truckster come in handy and useful when it comes to passage across various Alberta mountain and country terrain.

Like a train but with better cargo capacity

Pegged as bestest horsepower in its class, the F250s 7.3L 2V DEVCT NA PFI V8 produces an impressive 475 ft. lb of torque and 430 hp. Using old school push rod tech gives the truck good low end torque for big pulling jobs and for higher end power a port-fuel injection setup with variable cam timing.

New 7.3L 2V DEVCT NA PFI V8 Gas Engine for 2020 develops 430 hp and 475 ft. lb of torque. Image. Ford Canada

The entire setup in combination with the 10 speed transmission gets us good usable city power and solid top end power for highway excursions. Not quite near the monster torque of Ford’s 6.7L turbo-diesel motor (1050 ft. lb) this motor configuration gives buyers a strong gas alternative.

Ironically I’d just washed the truck 15 minutes before. But the F-250 4×4 abilities proved most useful in scouting a rutty, mud-soaked site for a client.
Big Sky country a fitting setting for the very much capable and bigly 2020 Ford F-250.

In terms of mileage best one best have the debit card loaded up with Petro Points. Carrying a 48 gallon fuel tank (181.70 litres) the F-250 pays a price for moving the truck’s 6300 lb (2857 kg) big assed frame about. Mileage figures are as a result a tick higher than that of a Prius or M1 Abrams tank.

Smoothness over frost heaves is akin to a mechanical bull on Wednesdays. The F250’s suspension has been mandated for work and tow functions and so utilitarianism overrides that of floofy squishy ride. Backcountry roads and fields are where the truck’s undercarriage components are most at home. Allthough I have to give the big blue supercab kudos for highway tossability and handling.

F250 managing Kananaskis sight seeing like a champ. A very thirsty champ.
Location. Barrier Lake, Kananaskis, Alberta

When it comes to towing Ford has the 7.3L gas variant rated at 24,200 lb (11,000 kg) towing capacity under conventional setup; 32,500 lb (14742 kg) with 5th wheel and 37,000 lb (16783 kg) with the gooseneck arrangement. Maximum payload is rated 7850 lb (3560 kg) and Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) at14,000 lb (6350 kg).

F250 locked out of Fortress Mountain. Ironically. Fortress Mtn famous as key backdrop setting for biggy films like Inception. Revenant and Jumanji II. And where I used to race with the skis in younger days.
Hide n Seek
Kananaskis Country
F-250 with crazy good mural out back of the Morley Reserve Community Centre.
Slightly dirty F-250 after farm road travel
4×4 very very important these parts
F-250 locked out from the money shot at Fortress Mountain
Hide n Go Seek not the big blue truckster’s best resume item.
F-250 XLT Superduty 4×4 showing off its ground clearance specs.
Rocky Mountain items.
One of Kananaskis Country’s many natural wonders.
Snow country
F-250 Supercab with superduty underpinnings is just super
2020 F-250 also gets a new TorqShift® Ten-Speed Automatic with Selectable Drive
and new Modes: Normal, Tow/Haul, Eco & Deep Sand/Snow.
Image. Ford Canada
Driver’s area functionality offers passengers 110V outlets front and back, Blind Spot detection, lane keeping & pre-collision assist, trailer brake assist, FordPass 5G Wi-Fi Modem, and Sync 3. Image. Ford
F250 interior is spacious yet highly functional for daily truckster like needs.
Image. Ford
F250 features top secret storage for your valuables under the folding rear seat.
Image. Ford

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