Nautilus – Lincoln’s 335 hp paper octopus of Greek folklore

Photos Words. Angus MacKenzie

Every once in a while one gets tired of lugging the 85 lb Canon mit 70-200 lens about the countryside. Sometimes it’s nice to just pull the Samsung Galaxy S9 out of the coat pocket and get on with it. Which is exactly the route I took when shooting Lincoln’s 2.7L turbo AWD mid-level SUV a few months back.

A 335 hp / 380 ft lb torques twin-turbo V6 administers plenty o boost to the Nautilus AWD setup

According to the all seeing, all knowing, never compromised source that is Wikipedia, “The word NAUTILUS is derived from the Greek ναυτίλος nautílos and originally referred to the paper nautiluses of the genus Argonauta, which are actually octopuses. The word nautílos literally means “sailor”, as paper nautiluses were thought to use two of their arms as sails.”Translated, Lincoln’s ride is essentially an octopus sailor…with paper arms. If I read that correct.

Lincoln provides both Co-pilot 360 Plus & the Lincoln Way App to Nautilus buyers

This ain’t my first Nautilus rodeo. Head over to there for more fine imagery and car verbage from a 2019 photo-featurette. Of the Lincoln lot, the Nautilus remains one of my most liked for styling, engine options and driveability.

Hit up the link for more on Lincoln’s Nautilus

Now there’s a profile. Golf claps out to Lincoln’s design team.
Oh the weather outside is weather. Lincoln Intelligent AWD arrangement puts power where it needs to be.
Interior accoutrements pair perfectly with the Nautilus’ exterior stylings.
Rear leg room is a bit tight but goodly enough for the bulk of the masses of asses
Performance figures find the 2.7 V6 running 0-96 kph in a respectable 5.9 seconds
Red skies at night, Nautilus takes flight
Hardly a bad angle on her
Maybe a little VW Passat here…
Nautilus has “First-row Acoustic Laminate Glass” to help reduce outside noise, plus “Active Noise Control” to monitor and cancel out unwanted engine noise.
AEB or Auto Emergency Braking works, as demonstrated during an unscripted stop exercise.
Lincoln outfitted the Nautilus with WAZE capabilities, wireless console charging pad and Sync3 for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.
2020 Nautilus Reserve starts at $49,000 CAD
Plump juicy rubbers work it up nicely with Lincoln’s turbine wheel options
Swedish sausage 335 hp awd luxuriant acquisitional device
Nautilus comes with either a 2.0L inline turbocharged 4 cylinder or 2.7L V6 mit twin turbos

Source. Lincoln Canada

(S9 Camera Verdict)
Samsung has done an amazing job at stuffing 2017 DSLR quality tech into this phone. While it does get a little HDR & ISO noisy in tricky lighting situations, overall its dynamic range, ability to retain excellent colour and tonal ranges puts it up there as a solid DSLR point/shoot alternative.

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