Ford Explorer gets a new everything in next-gen configuration

Photos + Words. Angus MacKenzie

Now in its six-generation, Ford’s completely redesigned Explorer for 2020 does away with some much dated architecture and driveline options. The previous fifth-gen model (2011 – 2019) carried with it antiquated Volvo genetics that did the iconic SUV few favours.

However, starting with last year’s model (2020) Ford’s Explorer brings with it a new rear-drive arrangement. This traditional configuration takes the model from unexceptional handling craft to exceptional thanks to a more balanced weight distribution.

We had the 2020 Explorer out in 2020 but haven’t gotten around to typing her up until now. On behalf of 2020 and Ford, we apologize for the delay. Blame Covid.

Ford Explorer exploring city streets in its metallic brown night time facade
Little bleak on the prairies
2020 Explorer features a new unibody platform, longitudinally-mounted engine and standard rear-wheel drive
2020 Explorer’s 300 hp turbocharged 2.3-liter inline-four provides a goodly amount of give & go
There be beauty in the coldnesss…
A Ford/GM built 10-speed auto-box is the gearbox of choice for all engines
Ford completely redesigned the three-row Explorer for 2020
IIHS had the Explorer as a Top Safety Pick Plus for both the 2020 & 2021 models
The competition….
Ford’s Explorer roots go back to the 90s where it helped grow the SUV movement
The 2020 Explorer, which is now last year’s model, had a MSRP of just over $42,000 CAD
AWD option is a must in pretty much all Canadian territories
Plenty of space for your barn goods in the newly packaged Explorer

Source. Ford Canada

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