2019 Ranger Lariat; Ford’s kayak-carrying, Tofino residing, outdoorsy looking alternative to the F150

Ford’s 2019 Ranger Lariat, fitted with the brand’s diverse yet scrappy 2.3L I-4 Ecoboost engine, a 10-speed autobox and variable 4×4 capabilities, is perhaps one of the company’s more interested truck offerings. While smaller than the marque’s legendary F150 the Ranger’s styling and smaller stature make it an appealing model for inner-city kids.

Lighter than the F150 the Ranger Lariat feels and moves around more actively on bumpier paved bits and off-road sections than its big brother. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just a more engaged ride. Bouncier and twitchier on corners means driving styles need to be adjusted accordingly when switching between the two.

Biggy points go out to Ford’s design team for delivering a fresh look in the Ranger. Borrowing styling cues from Chevy and certain Japanese mfcs, the 2019 Ranger Lariat presents sportier design details in the cabin sections and A-pillar. The taller ride height also accentuates the Lariat’s overall design by giving it a more athletic, outdoorsy feel. Compared to the F150’s boxy, utilitarian design the Ranger presents as the cool mountain residing cousin who surfs and owns a kayak rental shop in Tofino.

The dual-cab interior provides ample storage and people space for most reasonable excursions. The back area, with seats up, gives owners plenty of space to chuck camera gear, outdoor gear, groceries, baby stuff, etc. Forward residing persons are afforded excellent views thanks to the Ranger’s 1.8 m cab height and ample glass surfaces. Head and legroom upfront is excellent as is ride position, seat design and overall ergonomics.

While the Ranger Lariat won’t likely cannibalize sales from the F150 what it does offer is pretty decent Ford alternative to Chevy, NIssan and Toyota’s mid-range offerings.

Prices for the Lariat start at $42,389 CAD.
Source. Ford of Canada

Even the moon looks closer thanks to the Ranger Lariat’s AWD capabilities
Ranger styling is more outdoorsy, athletic and leaner than the F150
Waistline and up design details are what makes the Ranger stand out in a field
And here are some fence posts..
Ranger Lariat crewcab with 4×4 capabilities and increased ride height means accessing abandoned farmland is even easier, and prettier than before
Ranger interior delivers the right amount of utilitarian minimalism with just a hint of shiny surfaces
Crewcab seating section folds up for even more space, but here offers plenty o room for photog gear and fu bag.
2019 Ranger Lariat runs a 250 hp 2.3L I-4 Ecoboost engine, good for 310 ft. lb of torque.
Little motorhome on the prairies
Ranger’s grille, hood and lighting details fit nicely into the truck’s athletic approach
Power box has seen better days
Tall ride height good for getting over things but also further promotes the sporty mandate
Curvy front haunches
Ranger’s raked windshield treatment, curvy cab-lines and stubby box makes for an interesting profile
2019 Ranger Lariat crewcab measures out at 5.35 m
It’s not just 4×4 it’s FX4!
Ford’s shifter mounted gear selector takes some getting used to
Grass, fences etc
Rear 3/4 shows the truckster’s sporty angles and uplifting ride height
Ford’s 2019 Ranger Lariat starts at only $42,500 CAD
No mistaking the Ranger for an F150
2019 Ford Ranger Lariat looking good i burnt-orange paint scheme

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