Lincoln’s redesigned MKC for 2019 is anything but an entry-level offering.

Words unt photos. Angus MacKenzie + Lincoln

A few months back I had the opportunity to run out Lincoln’s revised for 2019 MKC SUV. Considered “entry level” by Lincoln the tight n lean wee sporty utilitarian vehicle feels more like a mid-level than baseline model.

Our model featuring the 2.3L twin-scroll, 285 hp/305 of torque turbocharged inline four proved to be quick off the line and through mid-range. Power starts to peter a bit at higher speeds but for most drivers in this segment they won’t likely miss the higher top end shortcomings. Performance figures have the 2.3L turbo model hitting 60 mph in a right respectable 6.1 seconds (96 kph). Want to take it to the track this weekend? Could do worse as it will run the 1/4 mile in a respectable 14.4 seconds.

Mileage figures for the 2019 MKC figure out at 12.3 L/100km in the city and 9.3 en highway

More geeky facts and interesting figures can be found over at this thing known as the AUTOMOBILE CATALOG. There you’ll find way more than I’m willing to type out or bore you with in this post.

2019 Lincoln MKC’s interior features are top notch with a mix of high-grade hard and soft touch materials. Photo. Lincoln

Ride quality is comfy sporty good inside thanks to Lincoln’s mix of decent hard and soft surface materials. The thing shows damn fine on the inside and feels like a much higher end SUV. Something Lincoln buyers are likely drawn too vs a more subdued, humourless German offering.

Even tho its considered ‘entry level’ the MKC sits in the driveway like a much swankier ride. Photo. Lincoln

Thanks to its smaller, tighter proportions, AWD offering and bigly rubber bits the 2019 MKC handles extremely well. While it won’t put a Honda S2000 to shame in autoslalom, the smallish SUV (still weighs 1800 kg / 3968 lbs) shows quality composure in real world left right, stop go situations for a vehicle of this mandate.

2019 MKC features a 2.3 L inline 4-banger features twin-scroll turbochargers, variable valve tech and direct injection for better low end performance
New MKC features AWD, emergency braking, adaptive suspension and a decent 6-speed gearbox with flappy paddles

At around the $50,000 CAD mark the 2019 Lincoln MKC makes a strong suv argument for “less is more”. While storage and rear leg room aren’t what some consumers might want, the overall package of design, performance, handling, AWD and small proportions will definitely appeal to a certain clientele.

Performance 8.5 / 10 | Interior trim comfort 8.75 / 10 | Handling 8.0 / 10 | Design styling 8.95 / 10 | Ride 8.35 normal mode/ 7.95 sport | Transmission 8.5/10 | Fit finish 8.75 / 10

Angus MacKenzie, Canadian version 5.5

For more on the 2019 Lincoln MKC visit Lincoln Canada

MKC forward cabin area is subdued but still conveys Lincoln’s luxury aesthetic. Photo. Lincoln
Base Lincoln MKC, with 285 hp/305 torque 2.3L turbocharged engine, starts at $46,000 CAD
Signature Lincoln grille sets the tone for the rest of the MKC’s well styled body bits. Photo. Lincoln
The MKC for 2019 gets a design refresh, which for an entry level SUV, is stylistically tastey.
Profile design features present as sporty, dynamic and energetic
2019 MKC proportions are small for a luxury SUV but work in its favour giving it a leaner, more compact presence
2019 MKC proportions make it a most inner-city friendly alternative. Photo. Lincoln
As a sport utility vehicle the MKC live up to its moniker in the city and groomed country environments
While the MKC won’t beat my S2000 in any autoslalom events any time soon, it does a decent job at compromising between luxury and sport
2.3 L turbocharged MKC can hit 96 kph (60 mph) in a quick 6.1 seconds

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