In photos: Lamborghini’s NYC Huracan debut

Images: Angus MacKenzie

Back, way back in the spring of twenty-ott-fourteen, a youngish/middle aged lad and his Canon 6D ventured east towards the city of apples and pricey blintzes. This city of $15 Crown & Cokes and exorbitant accommodation rates was the home to the 2014 New York Intl Auto Show. As part of but separate from the main event, was an exclusive unveiling of the new baby Lambo by the folks from Lamborghini.

The debut of the Huracan…pronounced Oooo-rah-kaaahhnn!…was held at a private space where a mix of invite-only media types like myself (there on behalf of and well to do riche, well monied clients and dealer persons loitered about the veiled beasty. This image gallery is but a hexagonal glimpse into the Filippo Perini inspired creation that is the 610 hp AWD Huracan super thing.

Watch for my upcoming Huracan drive review/photo gallery from the heart of Lamborghini in Sant’Agata, Italy.
In the meantime, here’s an englishman from Autoweek talking about/driving the Huracan during the Spain media drive event…where I unfortunately was not in attendance.

Angus Mackenzie

Canadian born automotive & architectural photographer. elemente magazine was born in 2006 as a Canadian national design publication . It remains as an online entity.

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