Dateline: Lisbon 2014
Photography: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

Recently shown via the Archdaily, this circular space of pscyhedelia may look like a Tron inspired infiniti room but it’s actually a harmless event tent with maximalist tendancies. Not to be associated with the hit song by drunken English asses Oasis, wonderWALL is an exhibition space designed by LIKEarchitects to house Jen Lewin’s art piece named “The Pool”.

Located in the Colombo Shopping Mall in Lisbon, Portugal, the wall of wonder is composed of approximately 20,000 strips of white and black fabric that when lit emanates everything in a blaze of saturated glory. The temporary museum is suspended from the skylight on the central square and presents an abstract skin which oscillates with airflows created by the movement of people.

You won't be needing no Orange Sunshine on this trip
You won’t be needing no Orange Sunshine on this trip

From the website, “…the cylindrical space seeks to emphasise the centrality of the exposed artwork, enhanced by the abdication of a main entrance in favour of a fully permeable facade that dissolves the entrance along the entire periphery of the space.” Translation: It’s a big fucking circle of a tent with dangly bits of ribbon and in the middle of a mall with psychedelic roundish bobbly bits in the middle. To control lighting in the space, the work of Jen Lewin is not visible from the outside.

So very sixties.

Source: LIKEarchitects

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