LEGO to unleash 2,996 piece S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier on your hardwood

Announced today by the plastic-fantastics at Lego, the everything-is-awesome HELICARRIER is ready to ship March 1st

Comprised of a mere 2,996 pieces of plastic conjoining goodness, the Marvel Helicarrier, at 235 meters in length, is an impressive blocky replica of the fictional flying aircraft carrier. According to Lego guy, Marvel first introduced the Helicarrier 50 years ago in 1965 in comic book form. This latest ideation however draws its inspiration from the current billion dollar Avenger’s series and Cptn America’s latest three carrier project.


The new set, at just under 3,000 pieces, is said to be just be slightly trying to assemble. This becomes evident when you consider the hand-crank mechanism powers the carrier’s four rotors and look at the amount of detail in the scaled down bridge hidden under the runway. Persons with giant sausage fingered hands are highly discouraged from touching or even attempting to assemble the carrier.

Anyone smell Imperial Battle Cruiser? I smell Battle Cruiser

And like most other Hollywood based designs, the Helicarrier also comes with a complete complement of teeny tiny figures. Managing the craft is left up to an elite 12 that consists of Eye-patched Nick “Mother Fuc*king” Fury, my superpower is a bow&arrow Hawkeye, Captain America, Iron Man and eight disposable SHIELD agents. There’s also bigger versions of the famous 5 but with the addition of Black Widow and that person named Maria Hill.

When not engaging in witty banter on the bridge, the figures can be proudly displayed on the mantle via the official SHIELD Eagle stand. Teeny tiny choking hazard pieces such as Hawkeye’s bow and Scarlet Johansson’s gun are also included. Maria Hill gets a cell phone and the latest version of MS Word.

Also includes teeny tiny Nick ‘mother fu#king’ Fury

But more importantly, out on the double runway, where kids over 16 and dexterous middle-aged men are encouraged to “place the following critical pieces wherever they damn well please and not be judged”, LEGO has included micro versions of the Helicarrier’s fighter jets, an exploding gas truck, Quinjets, 2 forklifts and to calm traffic, 4 road blockades.

SHIELD Helicarrier, weighs just over 1,300 tonnes & covers an area the size of your grandma’s living room

LEGO states that the Helicarrier’s 4 rotors can be turned by hand via a hand-crank to simulate flight…boring…which is why the Dutch have made available optional lighting and motorized rotor kits. Why when I was a kid we didn’t have batteries let alone motors. No sir, we just threw our blocky, cobbled together, heavier than air plastic experiments about the basement like a bunch of luddites slow to understand the meaning of aerodynamic efficiency and gravity. None of this fancy-lad, hi-tech motorizational wizardry!

But unlike the LEGO sets of old this Helicarrier monster will set your Interac statement back US$349.99 when it comes available on March 1st.

Source: LEGO

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