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One of the most anticipated 4×4’s in the past few years took on a life of its own when issues around supply, covid, client delivery, roof issues, etc started to plague the new Bronco’s release. From chip shortages to build issues to not enough damn vehicles have all worked to make the iconic off-roader’s release nothing short of a manufacturer’s nightmare.

Our tester priced out at $75,000 CAD in Badlands Advanced 4×4 format

So when we were finally given the go to drive a 2021 model, in 2022, we were nonetheless thrilled to accept the long awaited drive duties. And whilst I know words, some, in this instance I’m going to let the images and captionings do the talking. There be plenty more qualified auto-verbologists out there better equipped to provide full Bronco details, impressions, etc.

Having said that, this thing is a huge fukn hit. Ford swanked it out of the ballpark in several key areas including design, 4×4 engineering, in and off road drivability, power offerings and fun factoring. Take one over Jeep product any damn day of the week.

Delays on top of delays on top of covid meant bigly delays for Bronco buyers
Tester sports a twin turbo 2.7 L V6 good a decent 330 hp and 415 ft.lb of torques
Bronco design pays serious homage to the original
Advanced 4×4 options & giant 35″ rubbers means getting stuck be damn difficult
The new Bronco has its sights clearly set on Jeep’s lunch money
Feeling warmish? please to remove doors and roof as you please
Bronco off-road nerd stats include an approach angle capability of 43.2 degrees (with 35” tire), breakover angle of 26.3 degrees and a departure angle at 37 degrees
Bronco suspension includes; Independent HOSS 1.0 (High-Performance, Off-Road, Stability, Suspension) System with twin alloy A-arms and coil-over springs for optimum off-road stability and control with available HOSS 2.0 System with Bilstein® Position-Sensitive Dampers, HOSS 3.0 Suspension with FOX™ Internal Bypass Dampers, and HOSS 4.0 with FOX™ Live Valve 3.1 internal bypass semi-active shocks
Oh we done got her real dirty…put her through all the dirty Alberta paces
Ground clearance with 35 inch rubbers is rated at 11.5 inches & water fording at 35 inches
K-country ravens give the Badlands Edition two claws up
Standard on Badlands Edition rides, our tester ran Advanced 4×4 with Automatic On-demand engagement offers driver’s an all new electronically controlled 2-speed Transfer Case with 4 drive modes.
Bronco over Canmore enroute to Spray Lakes mountainy testing grounds
Advance 4×4 system continuously varies power to front wheels for most off-road scenarios, lock power to both axles when needed or increase wheel torque under extreme chonky conditions.
Kananaskis Country Spray Lakes provided excellent gravel/snow road testing conditions for the large beasty

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