Brazil Pairing: Sao Paolo’s Mistral Wine Shop

Sao Paolo’s Mistral wine shop envelops customers in slatted, rising corridors that ebb and flow with a subtle design pairing note

Images. Arthur Casas

Wine distributor Mistral presented Brazilian firm, Studio Arthur Casas, the challenge of creating a store that would both challenge and enhance the way their clients see wine. According to the firm, “Since most of their sales are done on the internet, we had to conceive a space that would showcase the wine in a recreational way, justifying the physical presence of the client, attracting both new customers and connoisseurs.”

At only 100 sq. meters the space is small, yet ambitious for the conceived program. In order to make space for sales, a wine cellar, an interactive gallery, storage space, and a reading and wine tasting room, Casas decided to go with a curvaceous design.

Above white lit display cases where individual bottles are displayed like museum pieces, tall wooden, slatted surfaces flow around the space giving it a warm yet modern feel. According to Casas, “We aimed to invite the customer to discover the unique content of each bottle. The curve creates a path where the spaces appear gradually. Suspended bottles follow the organic shape, formed by a backlight topped by a wood lath, giving the store an elegant and discrete atmosphere.”

An interactive table, projects relevant information onto a screen when the bottle is placed in the designated spot. Bottles with sensors on the bottom, then become cursors, allowing consumers to rotate the selection that in turns reveals key details such as the region, year, notations, interviews, etc.

Meanwhile at the back of the store, wood laths form a bookshelf as a Lina Bo Bardi chair lets customers peruse reading materials as they rest next to a high wall populated with various vintages. The store’s technical equipment, hidden in the walls, is separated from the main corridor by a glass door while a double height cellar with its own air conditioning is in place to store rare wines as needed.

Many firms attempt to meld the client’s intended design experience with the spaces branding expectations. Some succeed but in many cases, the execution isn’t there. In the case of the Mistral winestore, designer Arthur Casas and team have done an outstanding job at delivering on the mandate while pairing critical elements together in one aesthetically innovative space.

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Source. Arthur Casas

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