Photo Essay – 2021 Lincoln Nautilus AWD Reserve + Cypress Hills

Photos/ Words – Angus MacKenzie

Back in August, the family people and myself, ventured southern Alberta way to the large bumpy thing near the US border known as The Cypress Hills. Missed by the glacial retreat back in the day, this geological anomaly juts out of the prairies like a mountain range that didn’t make the grade.

To properly enjoy the sort of post-Covid outing, LIncoln Canada was more than nice to loan us their 2021 Lincoln Nautilus. Decked out in Reserve form & coated in one of the most stunning paint jobs (Gem Green) I’ve ever seen on a mass production vehicle, the mid-sized luxury hauler proved to be a most excellent bit of transport.

So now, instead of rehashing facts and figures (can find here NAUTILUS from previous reviews) we’re going full photo gallery.

Enjoy the view and on the way out go to Lincoln Canada to learn more.

Angus Mackenzie

Canadian born automotive & architectural photographer. elemente magazine was born in 2006 as a Canadian national design publication . It remains as an online entity.

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