King of the Ranch vs Lincoln of the Lake (F-150 v MKX)

Words + Images. Angus MacKenzie

In a battle betwixt Lincoln and Ford, who would win. Coming from the same lineage and forefathers, both marques offer their own unique set of skills and attributes.

Take Ford’s overtly manly F150 King Ranch. So named we assume, for its ability to conquer lands of cattle and tame unruly ranch equipment. Lincoln’s response on the other hand, the urban-friendly MKX, prefers the likes of the Nordstroms and the Grey Gooses.

So for this review, we’re going to let the imagery and accompanying captions tell the story of these two distant yet genealogically connected vehicles.

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Source: Ford  & Lincoln


2016 MKX starts at $56,300 CDN


2.7 liter V6 good for 335 hp @ 5500 rpm and torque figures of 380 @ 3000 rpm


Plush yet urban friendly cabin is the order of the day


Old school push button arrangement controls a slick 6-speed SelectShift auto-box via paddle shifters


Our MKX tester featured all the goodies


Stylistically, the 2016 MKX shows fine from most angles, with the rear three-quarter presenting some Porsche Cayenne influences


Lincoln’s much loved/hated grille pays homage to its ancestors


MKX featured an aurally pleasing Revel sound system, active noise control, land keeping system and park assist


Lincoln reports mileage of 14.1 L/100 km in the city & 9.7L/100 km hwy


Unlike the diecast aluminum block in the 3.7L, the Ecoboost engine gets a Compacted Graphite Iron treatment


One of our favourite powerplant combinations, Ford…I mean, Lincoln’s 2.7 liter ecoboost arrangement makes for ample, accessible power throughout the powerband


Button and switchgear placement is intuitive with good tactile feel


That samurai grille up close



MKX runs a 2.7 liter ecoboost V6 w power managed by a slick 6-Speed SelectShift gearbox w paddle activation


2016 MKX starts at $56,300 CDN


Ford’s 2016 F-150 King Ranch starts at $62,500 CDN


Awesome for plowing fields, chasing down cattle, nudging barns, our F-150 King Ranch ran a 5.0L V8 FFV Engine, good for 385 hp @ 5750 rpm & 387 of torque @ 3850 rpm


King Ranch as equipped has a tow capacity of 5,352 kg or 11,800 lb


F-150 King of the Ranch uses an independent double-wishbone with coil-over shock and stamped lower control arm for the front while the rear gets old school leaf springs and a solid axle


Ford uses high strength steel to keep frame related duties in check while the body is composed of high-strength aluminum alloy


SelectShift gearbox provides Progressive Range Select allowing drivers to limit the range of gears to lock out overdrive for consistent speed over hills and mountain ranges, or full manuel mode


F-150’s mirrors are not only the size of a small solar panel but also telescope, allowing for even hairier driving on city streets


Where the King Ranch belongs…in the city she’s a bit like a Great Dane in a Build-bear workshop


Ford notes rear shocks are mounted outside the frame rails to reduce body lean, while also staggering them fore & aft on either side to reduce unwanted solid rear axle hop hop


Ogopogo logo’d King Ranch can hold as much in this embossed bin as the entire rear bed!


4X4 options and ground clearance make for one capable river runner


If only the Titanic had mirrors this big


Good on the banks of the Bow as it is in the fields of Indus


F-150 equipped with four drive mode settings and trailer towing assists


King Ranch is enormously spacious and surprisingly luxurious for a ranch runner…ogopogo not included


F-150 has more space than most board rooms!

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